Public Health Dentistry

Department of Public Health Dentistry


The Department of Public Health Dentistry at Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Patna, Bihar, has started in the year 2000. This speciality of dentistry caters to the oral needs of the community at large rather than focussing on the individual. It aims to develop and provide leadership qualities and expertise needed in population- based dentistry, oral health policy development, community based oral health preventive and promotion initiatives and channelize more efforts on patient centred care rather than the disease centred care.The department educates undergraduate and postgraduate students with a curriculum in critical thinking, Evidence based clinical care and clinical competence. Department provides oral care services to the needy in the community outreach program and serves as a resource service unit for implementing oral health policy matters.


The course is delivered as a series containing a mix of lectures, clinical chairside training, seminars, journal clubs, workshops complemented by e-learning.

  • Manage oral health programs for population health
  • Demonstrate ethical decision-making in the practice of dental public health
  • Evaluate systems of care that impact oral health
  • Design surveillance systems to measure oral health status and its determinants
  • Communicate on oral and public health issues
  • Lead collaborations on oral and public health issues
  • Advocate for public health policy, legislation, and regulations to protect and promote the public’s oral health, and overall health
  • Critically appraise evidence to address oral health issues for individuals and populations
  • Conduct research to address oral and public health problems
  • Integrate the social determinants of health into dental public health practice

Final year BDS

  • Theory classes
  • Case history taking, assessment of oral health with relevant indices
  • Preventive clinical procedure: Topical fluoride application, Pit and fissure sealants, Preventive resin restorations & Atraumatic restorative treatment
  • Field visits programmes
  • Short term student research projects
  • Oral health education talk
  • Presentation of oral health education material


  • Comprehensive care approach (One month posting)- The new residents/ Interns involve in diagnosis, comprehensive treatment planning with emphasis on various preventive modalities for dental treatment, periodic recall of patients including maintenance of patient records of at least 10 patients (both paediatric and adults).
  • Survey methods, analysis and presentation of oral health assessment of school children and community independently using WHO basic oral health survey methods.
  • Participation in rural oral health education programmes and dental camps including visits to the Primary health centre in the outreach

Post Graduate students

  • Attend basic sciences classes (1st year postgraduate students)
  • Seminars and Journal club
  • Clinical case history presentations and discussions including relevant indices
  • Comprehensive dental care
  • Preventive clinical dental procedures
  • Tobacco cessation counselling
  • Attend satellite centre/PHC
  • Outreach programmes and dental screening camps
  • Organizing and carrying out dental camps in both urban and rural areas
  • Oral health education programmes
  • School oral health education programmes
  • Dental - health education training of school teachers, social workers, health workers
  • Field visit programmes
  • Assessing oral health status of various target groups
  • Pedagogy
  • Problem solving exercises
  • Critical Evaluation of Scientific Articles
  • Attending CDE programmes/conferences/conventions/ workshops
  • Scientific paper/posters presentations and Scientific Publications
  • Research works / Library Dissertation / Term Papers / Dissertation



The department of Public Health Dentistry has continuously organised and encouraged continued dental education programmes at both under-graduate and post-graduate levels across all departments to learn and execute research projects

  • Tobacco cessation counselling clinic since 2014 attracting patients 400-450 patients annually
  • Extensive outreach program serving a population of close to 3000 annually
  • Active participation in Special Olympics Bharat, Special Smiles, a mega health camps organised by Government of India
  • Ongoing school dental health programme in Patna District
  • Undertake multidisciplinary research activities.
  • Fully furnished mobile dental clinic to cater to the needs of the rural and needy population
  • Rural satellite dental health centre for clinical dental services at Pahari and at Gurudwara, Patna sahib.
  • Supporting various public health initiatives by observing World Oral Health Day, World health day, No tobacco day to create awareness among the public


Department has a well established clinic which offers overall oral health care and various preventive measures such as oral prophylaxis, health education, pit & fissure sealant & topical fluoride application, GIC & composite restorations, pulp therapies, extractions and referral to other speciality departments for the patients of all age groups.


Tobacco is a legally available substance that will kill people who use it. Tobacco use, a human-made epidemic, kills about millions of people globally. The tobacco epidemic worldwide is affecting the poorer and least educated the most. Hence, health care providers play an important role in tobacco cessation and abstinence. Dental professionals play a significant role in identifying smokers and smokeless tobacco users, they are thus in a better position to offer preventive care.In this view, we started Tobacco Cessation Centre (TCC) in the department of Public Health Dentistry,BIDSH, Patna in 2014. Faculty members of public health dentistry were trained for tobacco cessation counselling, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and behavioral counselling in co-ordination with other departments. Patients not only from our state, but also from outside state come to receive the TCC benefits. Tobacco quit rates are also satisfactory. Regular training of postgraduate and undergraduate students in tobacco cessation counselling is done in our department.


Schools are adopted by the department and exclusive oral health awareness and screening programs are conducted among school children periodically.


Step towards to reach the unreachable and serve them at their door steps. The concept of prevention of disease, prolonging life and promoting healthy lifestyles is central to our objectives. The department provides oral health services free of cost and encourages referrals of complex cases to be treated on priority basis at the institutional set up.

Mobile & portable dental services provide an innovative solution in bringing dental care to the doorsteps of the underprivileged and rural population as well as an village has been adopted to render comprehensive oral health care and the basic dental services. Mobile dental clinics provide comprehensive dental services through outreach programs focusing on education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The target population are children from the economically disadvantaged groups, indigent people, elderly and disabled who would otherwise have no access to dentistry. Department attempts relentlessly to harmonise and integrate teaching – learning activities with community service and community based research. The department efficiently integrated doing research with teaching research.


Dr Suma B S, Professor and Head

Professor & HOD, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences, Patna, Bihar. Completed BDS & MDS from Government Dental College & Research Institute, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Having teaching experience of more than 21years in teaching Public Health Dentistry. She is one of the resource person to an workshop on modification of syllabus for BDS curriculum held at RGUHS by DCI. She has completed certificate courses on Introduction to Systematic Reviews for Dental Health Professionals, Scientific Writing in Health Research conducted by ICMR-NIE, Chennai and Ethics Review of Health Research by NIE-ICMR-WHO(India). She has participated and contributed towards the successful conduct of JBI gLocal Solution Room 2022, Amrita centre for Evidence Based Oral Health. She has many scientific paper publications in both pubmed indexed International Journals as well as in National journals. Currently guiding the post graduate and undergraduate students in the Department.

  • Teaching experience of 21 years.
  • Department There was active participation by P.G. students & interns on the occasion of Amrit Mahatosava Camp as Government of India initiative in coordination with Special Olympics Special Smile for screening of differently abled children.
  • Under achievements.

Dr. Veeranna Ramesh, Professor

  • Best Scientific Paper and Best Scientific Poster in 1st South Indian Dental Conference 2005, Kochi.
  • Best Paper Prize in 6th Goa State Dental Conference 2005
  • He has worked on N.H.S. supported World Health Organization (WHO) projects in United Kingdom and am certified trainer for handling Medical Emergencies in Dentistry

Dr Garima Mangal, Reader

Dr Nirmala Kumari, Reader

  • She has received appreciation for extraordinary community dental health work by I.D.A. Patna

Dr Rana Nagendra Prasad Singh, Reader

  • Awarded Best Scientific Poster at 18th National Conference of Indian Associations of Public Health Dentistry held at Lucknow.

Priya Rani, Senior Lecture

Dr. Pallavi Kumari, Senior Lecture

Dr. Anaba Asif, Senior Lecture

Academic Achievements of the Students:

Dr. Anant Kumar
2nd yr P.G. won first prize in scientific poster presentation in 2021 in National I.A.P.H.D. Conference

Dr. Simmy Lall
o 2nd yr P.G. won first prize in scientific poster presentation in 2021 in National I.A.P.H.D. Conference.