Periodontology & Implantology

Department of Periodontology & Implantology


The Department of Periodontology is endowed with state of the art infrastructure, including fully equipped dental chairs for UG & PG sections, diode laser unit, ultrasurgical (piezo) unit, two implant systems (Myriad & Leader), RVG unit and specialized instruments for bone graft, sinus lift and ridge augmentation procedures.

The Department specializes in regenerative periodontal procedures, soft tissue augmentation and local drug delivery procedures together with a separate cell for advanced surgeries like implant placement, sinus lifting and ridge augmentation. The Department conducts CDE programmes every year in various aspects of the discipline for uplifting the knowledge and skills of the faculty and students.

The Department is keen to ensure that under graduate students get an overall appraisal of the subject enabling them to practice Periodontology at the general dentist level after graduation , while each post graduate student is coached individually according to his/her interest, so that they can excel in academia, research and/or clinical practice in the future.

The Department is in continuous collaboration with Prosthodontic, Orthodontic, Endodontic and Oral Pathology and Microbiology Departments of the Institution for clinical work and research activities. Currently the Department is involved in the following research activities : bone augmentation with PRF, soft tissue augmentation with Amniotic membrane, diagnostic & preventive periodontal procedures, and epidemiological studies in and around Patna.

Our post graduate students have bagged numerous awards at the state and national levels, including first prize in paper presentation at Society of Oral Laser Application in 2014, first Prize for poster presentation at 38th ISP National Conference at Kochi in 2014 and poster presentation prize at 42nd National ISP Conference at Kolkata in 2017.

Periodontology is the branch of dentistry that focuses exclusively on the diseases of gums and other supporting structures around the teeth. Students in this branch are trained in diagnosis, prevention and management of periodontal diseases and placement of dental implants as well as management of soft and hard tissue diseases around dental implants. The ultimate goal of this subject is to achieve such a healthy state of gums and bones that is amenable to natural teeth, crowns, bridges, root canal treated teeth as well as dental implants.


UG curriculum
The Department of Periodontology at Buddha Institute of dental sciences and hospital provides avenues for all round development throughout undergraduate training. The undergraduate course of Periodontology is taught both as a subject matter course and as clinical practice, in order to allow dental students to integrate their periodontal knowledge with the rest of the dental clinical sciences. With separate undergraduate section, the department emphasizes on quality and precision in the standard of care. The department’s objective is to train the students in non-surgical and preventive periodontal procedures like scaling, root planning, curettage and expose them to opportunities to learn and master a variety of periodontal surgical techniques like gingivectomy, flap surgeries etc. and implant procedures.

PG Curriculum
The postgraduate students acquire proficiency in all diagnostic and therapeutic areas of Periodontology, including all the surgical aspects of implant therapy. The clinical programme is such that it works in collaboration with other departments of the dental hospital to enable the post graduate student to acquire the necessary skills for the treatment of complex multidisciplinary cases. Here we facilitate well equipped modern dental chairs and advanced surgical equipment like piezo surgical unit, surgical microscope and a diode laser. Occasional lectures by eminent guest speakers expose the students to latest advances in the subject. Basic and clinical research under the guidance of experienced faculty prepares students for a career in research and academics, if they so desire.

Department of Periodontics offers regular CDE programme for upgrading clinical knowledge the most famous ones in past being ‘Hard Made Easy’ and ‘Perio Vihara’.



  • Well-equipped undergraduate and post graduate clinics
  • Dedicated area for dental implant clinic, piezosurgery unit and laser clinic
  • Treatments offered here are various types of flap surgeries, periodontal plastic surgeries, socket preservation, resective and regenerative surgical procedures, augmentation of deficient ridge for implant placement, sinus lifts, management of cases using piezosurgery along with esthetic procedure related to gums.
  • Multiple interdepartmental procedures are routinely performed like crown lengthening for crown placement, management of endo-perio lesions, periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO) and others.
  • Heavy patient flow allows students to be exposed to various complicated cases as well as be well trained in routine procedures.

Services to patients

  • Basic periodontal treatment like scaling, root planing and curettage
  • Flap surgeries for advanced periodontal diseases
  • Reconstructive and regenerative procedures
  • Dental implants
  • Soft and hard tissue augmentation around natural teeth and dental implants
  • Periodontal plastic surgeries
  • Socket preservation
  • Resective surgical procedures
  • Sinus lifts for implant placement
  • Management of cases using piezosurgery along with esthetic procedure related to gums


Dr. Anindita Banerjee, Prof. and Head

About the HOD : Dr. Anindita Banerjee- Passed BDS in 1996 (Gold Medal in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics) and MDS in 2000 (University topper in both Paper I & Paper II) from Dr. R Ahmed Dental College and Hospital, University of Calcutta. Recipient of Dr. Y P Gulgani Award for best research paper in 1999 and Dr. T N Chawla Memorial Award for best dissertation in 2000 by Indian Society of Periodontology. Teaching experience of 17 years with post graduate teaching from 2012. Publications in leading national journals.

Dr. Nitubroto Biswas, Professor

Dr. Prabhat Kumar Singh, Professor

  • Has authored a book namely "The role of risk factors in periodontal disease", has several scientific publication in national and international scientific journals. Chaired several scientific sessions in national and state conferences and won the best poster award in APSP conference in Mumbai in 2005.

Dr. Abhishek Verma, Professor.

  • Got first prize for paper presentation by Indian Society of Periodontology, 2011. Was in organizing committee at 42nd ISP Conference, Kolkata and chairperson in various scientific sessions for paper and poster presentations at National conferences. Authored a book named "Periodontal Medicine".

Dr. Anuradha Singh, Reader

Dr. Monica Ritu Kedia, Reader

  • Received 3rd prize for paper presentation at 6th state conference by Indian Dental Association. Member of organizing committee at 42nd National Conference, Indian Society of Periodontology, Kolkata. Judge for PG Poster Presentation at 43rd Conference of Indian Society of Periodontology, Chandigarh, 2018.

Dr. Sneha Suresh, Reader

Dr. Manisha Mallik, Reader

Dr. Toshi, Senior Lecturer

  • 2nd prize for poster presentation at 6th IDA Bihar Conference, 2015.
  • Judge for PG Poster Presentation at 44th National Conference of Indian Society of Periodontology, Bangalore.

Dr. Swapnil Singh, Senior Lecturer

  • 2nd Prize in Poster Presentation at Dental Conclave in P.G. Category, IDA State Branch, 2018.

Dr. Shashwati Paul, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Ashwarya, Sr. Lecturer

Academic achievements of the students:

Dr. Toshi:
Got 2nd prize for poster presentation at 6th IDA Bihar Conference, 2015.

Dr. Priyata
Received 2nd prize for poster presentation at 6th IDA Bihar Conference, 2015.

Dr. Anamika
Got Consolation prize for poster presentation at 42nd National Conference by Indian Society of Periodontology, 2017.

Dr. Sneha Mayuri
Got 1st prize in Free paper competition held on 11th and 12th November, 2017 in East Zone Conference of Indian Menopause Society. Also got Certificate of appreciation and consolation prize in poster competition in 42nd Indian Society of Periodontology Conference, Kolkata.

Dr. Rosy
3rd Prize in paper presentation in "PerioVihara", 2022

1st Prize in Insta Reel-making on World Oral Hygiene Day organized by SCB Government Dental College, Cuttack. 3rd Prize in paper presentation in "Perio Vihara", 2022.

Dr. Gyan, Dr. Sonal
1st Prize in quiz competition on World Oral Hygiene Day organized by SCB Government Dental College, Cuttack.