Oral Pathology



Oral pathology is the speciality of dentistry which deals with the clinical, radiological, cytology & histopathology of oral and stomatognathic diseases. It is the science that explores the causes, processes and effects of these diseases. The practice of oral pathology includes research, diagnosis of diseases using microscopic, biochemical, cytology, IHC or other recent advances.This department is spread over an area of around 4500 square feet being well-equipped with an audio-visual seminar room, a dedicated pathology laboratory, a dedicated microscopy area with great range of research microscopes and 6 dental chairs for requisite of clinicopathological examination, evaluation of patients and also methodical training of students for various biopsy procedures.

Apart from this the department gives final diagnosis of diseases involving various systems of the body and not merely of the oral cavity but also of diseases of skin, endocrine, metabolic, haematology and other systemic conditions. Department also deals with the diagnosis of infective lesions such as bacterial, viral and fungal in particular HIV, herpes, chicken pox, streptococcus, staphylococcus, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrea, leprosy and many others. Wide range of fungal infections be it local or systemic is diagnosed in the department for e.g. Candidiasis, histoplasmosis, Mucor mycosis etc.

The oral pathology laboratory accepts biopsy and surgical specimen for histopathological evaluation and final diagnosis from other dental departments of this institute. We undertake diagnostic procedures such as routine haematological procedures, various types of biopcies, Exfoliative cytology and FNAC.

The department has well equipped histopathology lab for tissue processing with routine Haematoxylin& Eosin and special stains such as PAS, VanGieson, Masson Trichrome, Papanicolaou, Leishman, Gram’s stain, ZN stain, Toluidine blue and many other. We are also well equipped with the Advanced IHC Lab, used for diagnosis of rare carcinomas & sarcomas with wide of range of immunohistochemical markers available. IHC is highly specialized diagnostic procedure conducted only in very few dental institutions of India.

The modern histological lab has semi-automatic microtome, Auto analyser, Penta head microscope with Attached Camera & software for research and Academic purpose. We have a separate scientific microscope with attached computer screen, special microscopes such as polarized microscope, stereo and Dark field microscope.

Department of oral pathology is one of the best & finest in eastern India. Many of our UG and PG students are successfully practicing and many of them are in Govt & Private services. Lot many are also involved in research activity and some of them are holding high academic position in various reputed institutes.

These new Boulevards have made this department a perfect choice for the students to opt and acquire and be better doctors of the Morden world.


UG Curriculum

The department is involved in teaching Undergraduate students of Ist and IIIrd year BDS in the subjects of Oral Anatomy & Histology and Oral Pathology & Microbiology respectively

In Dental Anatomy & Histology about 90 hrs of theory classes are taken covering all the basic aspects of morphology and Histology, whereas 290hrs of practical deals with the carving of all the permanent dentition, identification of normal morphology and different dentitions of human teeth with the help of tooth models, specimen and casts. Apart from the morphology students are assisted in identifying the histology slides related to tooth development, Enamel, dentin and various other oro-facial structure.

In Oral Pathology, about 100hrs of theory classes are taken covering all the topics. Students of 3rd year BDS are allotted 30 days posting to the department wherein they are trained to identify the pathology slides, casts and specimen of Oral diseases. They are also exposed to the various special cases such as oral potentially malignant disorders, various cysts and tumours, carcinomas, sarcomas and many more, related to which a discussion is conducted with the students.

Postgraduate Curriculum UG Curriculum

The department is dedicated to provide knowledge par excellence to its postgraduates on a well thought out training programmes in all domains through didactic, self-learning and interactive teaching methods. The main objective of postgraduates training in Oral Pathology is to train a graduate dental surgeon so as to ensure higher competence in both general and special pathology dealing with the nature of oral diseases, their pathogenesis and effects. The department trains the postgraduates to perform routine biopsy procedures, histopathological evaluation of specimens related to oral and perioral tissues, to carry out routine diagnostic procedure including, haematology, cytology, microbiologic, immunologic investigations and an appropriate analysis and evaluation of histopathological slides.

The curriculum also includes advances histological and histopathological study of dental and oral tissues including embryonic considerations, clinical considerations, biology, histology, pathology, prognosis and management of oral oncology, study of special and applied pathology of oral tissues as well as relation of local pathologic and clinical findings to systemic conditions. The curriculum also includes Oral microbiology and their relationship to various branches of dentistry and microbiology affecting hard & soft tissues. A promising and eminent branch of dentistry, Forensic Odontology is also associated with the PG curriculum.

Students of the department are also sent for inter Institutional postings such as cancer hospitals, dermatology & higher centre for advance immunologic & pathologic techniques. Acquaintance to scientific research as part of their curriculum making them prodigious scholar of today and tomorrow

Department facilities and Activities

  • Well-equipped clinical area with latest diagnostic tools for detection of pre-malignant disorders and oral cancer.
  • Advance pre-clinical Laboratory for UGs.
  • Clinical area for PGTs and work stations with each one allotted binocular microscope for academic purpose.
  • Penta head research microscope, special microscopes such as scientific microscope with attached computer screen, special microscopes such as polarized microscope, stereo and Dark field microscope.
  • Advanced Laboratory set up with advanced routine histopathology tissue processing techniques, semi-automatic microtome, H&E stain, special stains such as PAS, VanGieson, Masson Trichrome, Papanicolaou, Leishman, Gram’s stain , ZN stain, Toluidine blue and many other.
  • Special IHC section with scientific microwave for Antigen retrieval technique, and various important markers of oral cancer and other important Oro-facial diseases such as p53, p63, CD34, Desmoulins, Calretinin , S-100 and many more
  • A well-equipped Haematology lab with auto-analyser.
  • Microbiology section for aerobic and anaerobic culture with advanced incubators.The department conducts various scientific session with other departments of institutes and the other institutes of the state to upgrade expand our horizon of knowledge.


Dr.Swapan Kumar Purkait, Prof. & Head)

Dr. Swapan Kumar Purkait, Professor & Head, Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology at Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences& Hospital, Patna, Bihar India. He received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from Dr R. Ahmed Dental College, (Kolkata University) and also received his Masters of Dental Surgery from the same institution. Since then, he is continuously engaged in teaching Oral pathology & Microbiology for more than 20 years to undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has numerous national and international publications and Text books to his credit. He has authored textbooks like Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oralpatho.com which are the one of the most read books amongst UGs and PGs students for the subject.

  • Author of Textbooks.
  • Essential of Oral Pathology
  • Oral Patho Dot.com
  • Hand book of tooth morphology in pipeline
  • Numerous publications in National and International journals
  • Speaker in International and National conferences
  • Under Graduate and Post Graduate university paper setter.
  • External P.G. and U.G. examiner at various Government and Private colleges of India.
  • Chair person in scientific sessions in P.G. Convention.

Dr. Ananjan Chatterjee, Reader

  • Has more than 25 publications in various National and International Indexed journals.
  • Awarded the best paper in I.A.F.O. 2013, Vijaywada
  • Nominated to travel to University of Dundee, Scotland for topic- "Post mortem Autolytic changes in oral mucosa among death due to toxic substances and other causes."
  • Guest Speaker of "Oral Pathology" in A.A.C.I.D & H.U.P.E.H. Association, Kolkata, 2019.

Dr. Madhuresh Kumar, Reader

  • Awarded as Best Academician of the year 2019 by Mr. Anand Kumar (Super30).
  • Guest speaker at various C.D.E. programmes and I.D.A.
  • Has multiple publications in various National and International journals.

Dr. Suwasini, Senior Lecturer

  • Under graduate & post graduate institution & university – Passed BDS and MDS from Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences & Hospital Patna
  • Special academic achievements- Trained in Immunohistochemistry
  • Publications & author if any- Has several publications in national and international indexed journal
  • Author of books- Giant cells and Giant cell lesions of oral cavity, Blood and applied aspect- Published in Lambert publication

Dr. Heera, Senior Lecturer

  • Has multiple publications in various National and International journals.

Dr. Shuchita Sinha, Department of Oral pathology

Passed BDS and MDS from Buddha institute of dental sciences and hospital, Patna.

  • Awarded 2 nd prize for poster presentation in AROI national conference, IGIMS , Patna.
  • Best paper presentation in 26th IAOMP national conference, 2017 .
  • Trained in Immunohistochemistry.
  • Has several publications in national and international Journals.

Academic Achievements of the Students:

Dr. Nimisha Priya,
o 3rd prize, Paper presentation at XIXIAOMP National 3D virtual P.G. Convention.

Dr. Akriti,
1st prize, Paper Presentation, at XIXIAOMP National 3D virtual P.G. Convention.