Anti Ragging

Anti Ragging

About Anti Ragging :

Norms set by UGC and approved by central government suggests.

"causing inducing compelling or forcing a student. Whether by way of a practical joke or otherwise. To do any act which detracts from human dignity or violates his person or exposes him to ridicule or for bear form doing any lawful act, by intimidating, wrongfully restraining. Wrongfully confining, or injuring him or by using criminal force to him or by holding out to him any threat of such intimidation wrongful restraint wrongful confinement, injury or the use of criminal force’’.

NO person who is a student in an educational institute including on institution under the direct management of the university or of the central government shall commit ragging.

any person who contravenes this section shall, on conviction be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine which may extend to two thousand or both’’ ragging is a criminal offence punishable under many provisions of the Indian penal code also in addition to prosecution student committing the act of ragging are also liable to being rusticated dismissed and expelled from the college. The marks card, character certificates and degree certificates of such students are also liable to be embossed in bold letters to the effect that he/she had indulged in ragging. Students of second third and final year are warned to desist from ragging strictest possible disciplinary action will be taken against those found to indulge in ragging. The student is also required to give an undertaking in the prescribed format to the college office, Whenever demanded.