Accommodation is subject to availability:

Separate hostel for & girls are available as per the subject of availability. The girls hostel is situated with in the campus whereas boys hostel is in the another building of the institute. Which is approx. 1 km from the main campus

Hostel fee:

The hostel fee includes the room rent and mess charges which are collected at the starting of every year. The establishment charges and the other utilities like electricity water and Wi-Fi are included in the hostel fee.

Allotment of rooms

Rooms are allotted to the student at the time of admission. Boarders are not permitted to change rooms during the academic year. In case the boarders wish to change rooms a permission needed to be taken from the concerned authority. If the boarders fail pay the dues to the hostels by the appointed time, then he/she will for fit the rooms as rooms are allotted on payment only.

The common mess area is situated in the hostel the menu of the mess is finalized by the boarders in consultation with the management as per their choice which consists of vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations. Outside catering is not permitted.


Hostellers are provided with a bed with a box, steel safe study table and chair. The hostel has a common telephone reading room visitors lounge water cooler/geyser generator & security guard which is looked after by the warden of the hostel.

Rules & regulations:

• Ragging in any form is banned inside and outside the campus.

• Every boarder must have a local guardian.

• Boarders should strictly follow the timings of the hostel.

• Extended hours for studying in the library will be granted on acquisition of written permission in the student’s log book.

• Visitors including parents/guardians are allowed to meet their wards in the visitors lounge during visiting hours and not in their rooms. Overnight stay in the hostel is not allowed. Entertaining unauthorized guest will lead to severe punishment including expulsion from the hostel.

• Student are not allowed to stay in any other rooms than the ones allotted to them.

• Students are responsible for the safety of their belongings.

• Students are not allowed to keep pets of any kind in the hostel.

• Use of tobacco in any form is prohibited.

• Consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

• Possession of weapons or dangerous chemicals of any kind is strictly prohibited.

• Students will not get involved in political of any sort or participate in any anti-nation anti-social or undesirable activity in or outside the campus.

• Hostellers are not permitted to stay in rooms during college hours unless they are ill. Any illness should be report to the warden.

• The warden should be informed of any medication that the student use.

• Student once admitted to the hostel cannot vacate it without a written request form their parents which must be authorized by the management.

• Meetings/gatherings within the hostel are not permitted. Functions of any kind should have the prior permission of the warden.

• Boarders are allowed to use table lamps mobile/laptop chargers. The use of other electrical appliances are not allowed.

• Student are not allowed to have their meals in their rooms except under special conditions like illness etc. the permission of the warden in required in such cases.

• Cooking is not permitted in the hostel rooms.

• In case of theft the same should be reported to the security guard and the hostel warden.

• Any damage to the hostel property will attract a fine. The resident of a rooms is responsible for any damage to the property in the room and will be required to pay off if any.