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Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences & Hospital

Buddha institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital was established in 1984 with a view to provide efficient dental health services to the ailing masses and impart dental education to the younger and dynamic students in orderto achieve the goal of health for all.




BDS is one of the most popular and designated degree of dentists (doctors).


MDS course must have a recognized degree of BDS awarded by an Indian Universit.
Dental Mechanics

Dental Mechanics

This course offers aspiring graduates to build their clinical skills in the field of Implantology.
Dental Operating Room Assistant (DORA)

Dental Operating Room Assistant

This course provides fellows an opportunity to explore new horizons with advanced equipments.

Dental Hygienist

The Dental Hygienist courses offers a foundation stone in field of Implant dentistry.

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Buddha Institute of Dental Science and Hospital

The special position the institute has come to achieve in the academic and medical world as well as the unique feature it has developed in the recent years have resulted from the unwavering commitment of the institute. These commitments which parameter all institute activities can best be represented as being four major pillars upon which rest the edifice of pedagogy of dentistry education and development that define BIDSH.

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